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gas saving equipment, gas saving kitchen equipment

Gas Saving Kitchen Equipment

Commercial kitchens are high energy users, consuming roughly 2.5 times more energy than any other normal kitchen.


To help our customers to reduce the cost, our innovative high-efficiency commercial kitchen equipment achieves an unprecedented up to 50% gas energy efficiency, which can deliver a payback period of less 1 year.


Saving energy not just saving our customer money on utility bills but also protect the climate by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Soup boiler, boiler
Noodle Boiler.jpg
Hot Water Generator.jpg
deep fryer, wester fryer
Auto Lifting Noodle Boiler.jpg
Stew Soup Steamer.jpg
Single Noodle Boiler.jpg
Single Noodle Boiler  
Seafood Steamer.jpg
kwali wok, chinese wok, chinese burner
Steam Generator.jpg
Dim Sum Steamer.jpg
Auto Mix Cook Kettle.jpg
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