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Commercial Noodle Boiler


Noodle cookers (often called noodle boiler) are the perfect appliances to cook noodles quickly especially in Singapore for hawker stall and coffee shop.

With large and sturdy noodles baskets, these ensure all sorts of pasta are cooked accurately, whilst being easy to use.

Featuring 2 - 4 independent partition and 2, 3 and 6 noodles baskets, you can cook numerous different types of noodles at the same time

To help our customers to reduce the cost, our innovative high-efficiency noodle boiler achieves an unprecedented up to 50% gas energy efficiency, which can deliver a payback period of less than two years.

Our noodle boiler has also been designed to reduce downtimes, by featuring a powerful burner system which helps to maintain a constant water temperature. Fast, effective and reliable. Available in either LPG or City Gas versions.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Gas energy saving up to 50%

  • Cool zone under heating elements with more efficient in operation

  • 100% food grade stainless steel construction

  • Automatic safety shut-off system

  • One button automatic fire-ignition feature

  • Smooth temperature regulation

  • Easy clean stainless-steel exterior

  • Equipment tested & certified gas savings by TUV PSB Singapore

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