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About Us

DANENG is a one of the leading commercial kitchen equipment specialist based in Singapore. Our innovative equipment are saving gas up to 50% and improve the working environment temperature and reduce carbon emissions up to 70% (Environmental Friendly).

Due to great gas saving features, we are able to share the saving profit with our customers. Thus, our customers are not only working in cool working environment with more efficient in operation, but most importantly they will still have money into their pockets as they do not need to pay a single cent by using our products. 


We are growing our market share in Singapore by 500%.

Our specialty and scope of work from commercial kitchen equipment to food processing equipment includes:

  • Research & Development 

  • Food & Kitchen Equipment Product Design & Manufacturing

  • Food Industry Project Management

  • Sales & Rental of Commercial Kitchen Equipment

  • 24 Hours On-Site Service


The Unique features of our equipment:

  • Up to 50% savings in Gas Consumption

  • Cool working environment with exterior surface at 35 degree only

  • Environmental friendly as maximization of heat efficiency (95%) and reduce CO2 emission up to 70%

Why Choose Us

  • We’re fast and reliable

  • Save your operation cost

  • Green environment

  • Competitive prices

  • 24/7 services with our expert technical team

Today, DANENG has obtained national invention patents, 28 utility model patents, 9 design patents and access to national high-tech enterprises. We have also passed the ISO-9001:2008 Quality Management System certification, and hold several Singapore TUV SUD PSB energy certifications.

How Can DANENG Help Your Business?

If you are in the F&B industry, then you should understand that how high the utility bills it can get. Especially for those equipment required daily operation that is pertinent to your business. With DaNeng, you can enjoy greater savings in operations, thanks to the energy efficiency of our equipment. Not only it does save you on costs, but it also saves your time. Shortening the preparation times, resulting in faster turnover of food and leads to happy customers, our clean technology also means that you are working in a cooler and cleaner environment.


The benefits with DANENG Technology 

  • Lower utility bills

  • Faster preparation times

  • Increased productivity

  • Cooler and cleaner working environment

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