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Automatic Lifting Noodle Boiler

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DANENG Singapore professional automatic lifting noodle boiler has been the primary foundation in traditional cuisine and they make a great, healthy and staple food, universally loved by people everywhere in the world.


The unleavened dough can be made into a limitless piece of shapes and textures, creating a unique neutral taste that goes very well with sauce or meat toppings.

The principle of noodle cooking requires rather simple but careful processes.


The noodle naturally cooks easily, therefore, it is crucial to take out and cool the noodle at its perfect texture before it softens further.


The water inside the bowl needs to be boiling intensively, possibly with the addition of salt to increase the boiling temperature, before the noodle can be put inside.


It is necessary to keep the boiling process fast to retain the original taste and texture, depending on the kind of noodle.

Product Benefit and Features

  • Equipment tested & certified gas saving up to 50% by TUV PSB Singapore

  • Cool zone under heating elements with more efficient in operation

  • Quickly 50% boiling time to reduced cooking cycle

  • Power cost lower than Electric Elements

  • Auto operation with one button operating control

  • Automatic safety shut-off system

  • Automatic drain feature easier for reliable operating

  • Automatic timer lifting system to increase productivity and reduced operator cooking skill requirement

  • Automatic temperature regulation system to minimized gas consumption

  • Full food grade 304 Stainless steel construction

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