NEA Hawkers' Productivity Grant

List Of Our Product Grant

Auto Lifting Noodle Boiler.jpg

Countertop Food Processor Emulsifier

Sous-Vide Cooker

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the funding support, the stallholder must satisfy the following conditions:

  • Is a registered cooked food stallholder with a valid hawker licence issued by NEA

  • Has a valid Tenancy Agreement with NEA or NEA-appointed operators, with balance tenancy term of at least one (1) year

  • Complies with any terms and conditions as imposed by NEA

Application Procedure

Step 1 : Submit Application Online

Login to Hawkers Online Portal ( using SingPass. 

Documents required:

(i) Supplier's quotation with equipment unit cost 

(ii) Brochure with equipment model and technical specifications, etc

(iii) Copy of bank book or e-statement that shows bank account and holder's name.

Step 2 : Purchase Equipment 

Stallholder can proceed to purchase the equipment 

(i) upon receipt of Letter of Offer (LOO) and; 

(ii) return Letter of Acceptance (LOA) to NEA within 1 month

Step 3 : Submit Claim

Stallholder can submit documents by post or by hand at NEA One Stop Information and Service Centre.

Original documents required:

- Disbursement Request Form

- Invoice or receipt

- Direct Credit Authorisation (DCA) Form

-Others (if applicable)

Step 4: Funds Disbursed

NEA will disburse the grand amount to stallholder's bank account within 30 workings days.