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Chinese Kwali Wok Burner

Whether you're cooking stir-fry dishes, make savory sauces, and saute meat and veggies with a high-performance wok burner.


Our restaurant kwali wok range burners are perfect for Asian, Chinese, and Indian food joints especially in Singapore. Create delicious dishes, or simply heat rice or chicken with an efficient and durable wok range.


These units are a popular choice for foodservice establishments that have a limited space. 


We have burner-only configurations, high BTU models, and a range of sizes to choose from. Models are available in a varying number of chambers (from 1 ring to 3 ring setups).


What’s more, a heavy duty stainless steel construction enhances the durability of these mandarin woks.


Browse our extensive variety and find the right gas commercial wok range for your business.


Contact us to find the right wok burner for your needs.

Product Benefit and Features

  • Up to 50% savings in gas consumption

  • Heavy gauge steel chassis

  • Front panel, sidesplashes, backsplashes, wok legs and all the pipe are stainless steel 

  • Each burner has individual main gas control valve- “L” handle

  • All valves are solid brass and rated for high temperature operation

  • Chinese style “Swing Faucet” for each chamber that is easy to replace from the front of the range

  • Suitable for LPG, City Gas and Natural Gas use

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