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Heat Conduct Boiler / Sauce Boiler

Our DANENG commercial heat conduct boiler is perfect if you are serving a large quantity of sauce and need to keep it hot and fresh especially for thick sauce like Ramen soup/sauce.

The heat conduct boiler is made entirely of food grade stainless steel with approved certificates and easy to clean.

To help our customers to reduce the cost, our innovative high-efficiency gas soup boiler achieves an unprecedented up to 50% gas energy efficiency, which can deliver a payback period of less than two years.

This heat conduct boiler is an excellent addition to any restaurant, cafes, hawker stalls or hotels that needs to hold soup, gravies and stews at food-safe serving temperatures.

Jacketed Conduct Kettles

Product Features and Benefits

  • Designed for Cooking Congee, Ramen Soup, Thick Sauce, Curry & Stew Soup

  • Up to 50% gas energy efficiency

  • Cool zone under heating elements with more efficient in operation

  • Indirect heating helps cooked food don't get burnt easily

  • Excellent heat preservation - Cooked soup temperature can maintain at 80 degrees up to 8 hours even though powered off

  • Stainless steel food grade construction

  • Easy clean stainless-steel exterior and interior

  • Manual control knob for temperature and heat fire adjustment

  • Thermostat controlled for higher gas savings

  • Automatic fire-ignition feature

  • Low oxygen level alarm with gas and power supply cut-off function

  • Worldwide patented technology - Cellular Heat Exchange System

  • Gas pressure 2800pa (28mbar) or 1000pa (10mbar)

  • Environmentally Friendly - Maximization of heat efficiency (95%) reduced CO2 emission

  • Tested and proven by PSB Singapore


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