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Benefit of Food Sterilizer Retort Machine
  1. Using HIGH-TEMPERATURE and HIGH-PRESSURE concept for food sterilization, increasing efficiency and achieving 45% energy saving

  2. HEALTHIER PRODUCT - Without the need to add food preservative as the sterilizing process will fully kill all harmful   microorganisms for safer and healthier food product

  3. LONGER SHELF LIFE - Sterilized product can be stored at room-temperature with longer shelf life of 6 months till 24 monthswithout the need for heating or freezing, for additional saving on operation cost

  4. PRODUCT TRANSPORTATION - Sterilized product in container such as tin canned, metal canned, glass container, plastic packaging material, flexible retort pouches and etc, can be transported easily since it can be stored at room-temperature

Retort Sterilizing Machine
Autoclave Static Retort Sterilizer
Food Sterilizer
Steam-Water Spray Retort Sterilizer
Retort Machine
Rotary Retort Sterilizer
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