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DaNeng's Energy-Saving Heat Conduct Chili Sauce Mixer Cooker

Product Description

  • Designed for Chilli Sauce, Thick Sauce and Condiment Cooking

  • Indirect Heating Helps Cooked Food Don't Get Burnt Easily

  • Up to 60% Savings in Gas Consumption

  • Cool Working Environment - Not Increase the Temperature of Working Environment

  • Worldwide Patented Technology - Cellular Heat Exchange System

  • Equipment Tested & Certified Gas Savings by PSB Singapore

  • Thermostat Controlled for Higher Gas Savings

  • Fire Power Control Knob to Control Burner's Fire Power

  • Automatic Fire-Ignition Feature

  • Low Oxygen Level Alarm with Gas & Power Supply Cut-off Function

  • Suitable for LPG/ City Gas/ Natural Gas

  • Gas Pressure 2800pa (28mbar) or 1000pa (10mbar)

Heat Conduct Chili Sauce Mixer
Chili Sauce

6 Product Features

  • Robust Design - 100% Food Grade Stainless Steel Structure
  • Space Conservation - Can fit into any existing setup
  • Flexibility - Can use LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) or City Gas
  • Excellent Heat Preservation – Cooked Soup Temperature can maintain at 80 degree up to 8 hours if powered off.
  • Cool Working Environment – Cooker exterior surface is NOT hot (only 35 degree). Tested & Proven by PSB Singapore
  • Environmental Friendly - Maximization of Heat Efficiency (95%) reduced CO2 emission
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