Countertop Multifunction Vegetable Cutter

Our commercial counter-top multi-function vegetable cutter in Singapore are manufactured from stainless steel and are made entirely of materials suitable for contact with food. Different motor blocks and attachments are available to suit each user's needs.

The ventilated motor allows continuous use. All models offer heavy duty construction and easy to operate and to clean. They are equipped with a waterproof, user-friendly control panel.

A perfect cut is guaranteed as a result of high quality discs and grids. Less effort is needed to cut, whilst generating less liquid in the process.

DANENG ENERGY-SAVING KITCHEN EQUIPMENT PTE LTD - Commercial Kitchen Equipment Specialist in Singapore

DaNeng is a one of the leading commercial kitchen equipment supplier in Singapore. Our innovative equipment are saving Gas up to 50%, improve the working environment temperature and reduce Carbon Emissions up to 70% (Environmental Friendly).

Due to great Gas Saving, we are able to share the Saving profit with our customers. Thus, our customers are not only working in Cool Working Environment with more efficient in operation, but most importantly they will still have money into their pockets as they do not need to pay a single cent by using our products. We are growing our market share in Singapore by 500%.

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