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Commercial Automatic Stir-Fry Cooking Station

DANENG Auto Stir-Fry Cooking Station is commercial kitchen equipment of revolutionary automatic cooking designed according to the actual needs of commercial kitchens. It can greatly reduce the work intensity of a chef, while a short-term training operator can also cook like a professional chef making expert-like dishes. A single operator is able to operate 3-5 cooking station that cooks different foods at the same time. Based on the above characteristics and functions, it can solve the shortage of manpower and professional chefs in the catering industry. Furthermore, it solves the cooking and frying operations of F&B outlets and produces the most delicious and quality standards in the case of greatly reducing the manpower and professional chefs. We also produced gas-fired automatic Stir-fry cooking stations supply to some commercial kitchens with insufficient electricity supply.

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Features and Benefit

1.    Auto Rotary Fry Function (Reduce work intensity of chef and reduce manpower) The stir fry function replaces the chef's hand stir fry work. The main purpose and function
are to minimize dependence on professional chefs. The drum type pot is compared to the open traditional wok, it maintains a higher and more uniform heat to make the food more evenly heated and maintain the original taste of the food. 

2.    The Intelligent Function (Increase productivity and food quality standards, reducing manpower)       Multiple time presetting functions, so that the device can preset according to the actual cooking time 

the rotation speed of different foods and different stages to meet the food quality requirements.          
The heating temperature can be adjusted at any time to achieve the heat of different foods and different cooking stages to achieve the quality requirements of the food. 

3.    Electromagnetic Induction Heating (Electricity saving) The device uses induction heating to save 30-40% of electricity usage compared to Electricity Heating Element and is safer and cleaner. 
4.    Non-Stick Pot and Integration Base Design (user-friendly, easy-clean, reduce manpower)             


Product Specification 

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How it works?

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What Grant Can You Apply?

1. NEA Hawker Productivity Grant - Eligible cooked food stallholder can claim 80% of the equipment unit cost (excluding GST) on a reimbursement basis, capped at $5,000 over three years.  Equipment that has been funded by other grant schemes will not be supported.


Click here for more info. 

2. PSG Productivity Solution Grant - SMEs can apply for PSG if they meet the following criteria: Registered and operating in Singapore Purchase/lease/subscription of the IT solutions or equipment must be used in Singapore Have a minimum of 30% local shareholding (for selected solutions only)


Click here for more info. 

3. E2i Grant - e2i helps businesses identify potential areas for improvements to benefit both businesses and workers, and offers grant support under IGP to help companies get started on the productivity initiatives.


The fundable components include:


• Automation & equipment cost

• Process re-engineering & job redesign

• Training for local workers Capped at $1 million over two years per company, IGP can be used to fund:

• Up to 50% of productivity improvement costs

• Up to $300,000 per project


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