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  • Stainless steel lobe pump for pumping product from kettles to portion control casings, bottles and stainless steel containers.

  • Capable of dosing 300 Litres of product within 15 min at temperature range from 3˚C to 90˚C.

  • Adjustable volume from 500 ml to 4.5 Litres on control panel 

  • Ability to heat seal bags of different size and thickness

  • Programmable dosing system and sealing times

  • Double Heat seal is hand operated (not foot) with tear away section for hygienic storing.

  • Ergonomic design with fully adjustable operating heights

  • Ability to record bags pumped, to record pumping temperature

  • Adjustable height for safe and comfortable operation

  • Complete breakdown for cleaning

Pumpfill Station Singapore

Pump into bags

Pump into bottles

Pump into trays

  • Newly designed and integrated platform for filling jars and pans, supported with program dedicated for this purpose.

  • 7 touch IP65 colour touch screen

  • Ability to integrate with a scale to weight

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