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Commercial Gas Deep Fryer 


Our DANENG commercial free standing western gas deep fryer in Singapore is designated in similar dimension with American deep fryer for easy replacement.

Whether you’re frying chicken, fish, chips, shrimp and other culinary and confectionery products these are these models are designed to leave food tasty, crispy and golden. Besides that, our fryers are made entirely of food grade stainless steel with approved certificates.

To help our customers to reduce the cost, our innovative high-efficiency gas deep fryers achieve an unprecedented up to 50% gas energy efficiency, which can deliver a payback period of less than two years.

Our experience of over 10 years, has led us to make a profitable fryer in energy savings and optimum performance in oil quality.

The deep fryer is ideal for everyday use in busy restaurants, cafés, takeaways, hawker stall, canteens, hotels etc.

Product Features and Benefits
  • Gas energy saving up to 50% 

  • Less oil usage compared to traditional burning system

  • One button operating design

  • Comfortable working environment

  • Automatic thermostat control

  • Easy cleaning and drainage

  • Equipped with a safety shutoff device

  • Optional exchangeable modular design

Product Specifications
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