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LINEMISS 4 Baking Tray 600X400


With the Dynamic digital control panel you can quickly choose how to cook and you can't go wrong. You can save up to 99 programs with preheating and up to three cooking steps, that are clearly shown with LED lights. From the electronic control panel as well as controlling the time and temperature of the cooking process you can manage the introduction of humidity (STEAM.Plus). There is easy access to 6 saved programs for your favourite baking processes.


The advantage of applied technology to the basic essentials for an excellent cooking result. The Classic electronic control panel allows you to choose and monitor time and temperature. In addition you can save your favourite programs to have them ready to use at the touch of a button.

Manual Humidity

Control time, temperature and introduction of humidity in an exclusively manual mode.

Product Video

Unox Pastry Oven

4 Baking Tray 

XFT 195, XFT 190, XFT 193

  • LINEMISS is the ideal solution for bakeries and pastry shops to achieve the same excellent results as with a large oven​, but in a practical compact format. Simplicity and perfection are the key concepts of this oven line.

  • High quality and simple design make it original and suitable for all baking needs.

  • Four possible control panel configurations are available to choose from to meet your needs.


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