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Root Vegetable Cutter

root vegetable cutter
root vegetable cutter
root vegetable cutter

Functions & Features


1. Made  in Taiwan, durable and nice appearance

2. Cut root vegetable

3. Aluminium alloys funnel inlet, CNC numerical control processing, One-piece funnel inlet design.

4. Main Structure

  • SUS and aluminium alloys as material. Consist of imported blade, Taiwan motor, aluminium alloys funnel inlet, slice blade set, strip blade set, dice blade set.

5. Purpose

  • Cut root vegetable, like potato, taro, radish, melon, onion, etc.

  • Cut leaf vegetable:,like  celery, cabbage, spinach, lettuce, etc. Cut into slice, dice, strip

6. Widely use in 

  • Central kitchens, vegetable processing factories, large canteens for schools and enterprises, catering companies and so on. Save labor, water and electricity.

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