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A INTELLIGENCE kitchen is a essential for busy people living the city especially in Singapore nowadays because cooking has to be fast and easy without creating a mess. 

With modern innovation, a intelligence automatic commercial stir fryer has replaced the manual effort of traditional stir frying with touch automatic cooking solution.

Therefore, with our commercial intelligence multi-function stir fryer, which allows you to cook fast, easy and nutritious meals without creating a mess.

Multiple Function Stir Fryer features round inner cooking tank, electronic ignition, even heat distribution allowing food to be continuously stir-fried.


Various capacities of stir fryers are provided for different ranges of businesses.


It can stir fry rice, noodles, rice noodles, meat, as well as dry food. Multipurpose usage and easy operation are the reasons to gain flavor with customers.


Commercial Double Stir Fryer

  • Model                         : SMK-TARF83-55-200-2-3.5SP
    Dimension                  : 830W x 550D x 650Hmm
    Barrel Diameter           : 200mm x 200mm
    Power                         : 3.5Kw x 2 / 220V / 50-60Hz

    • 360° self-rotating stir frying with speed adjustable

    The revolutionary 360° self-rotating function remedies the inadequacy of spatula frying and can thoroughly mix the sauce, seasoning and ingredients with speed adjustable


    • Intense heat convection

    High power enables rapid heat transfer so that it only takes a short time to prepare a dish.


    • Non-stick coating

    The non-stick coating ensures that even under high-temperature cooking, food residues will easily be loosen up with the help of a scoop.


    • Temperature and timer setting

    The stir-fryer is equipped with 9-level temperature settings with digital display empower you to prepare your dish at optimal cooking temperature and time.


    • Easy to clean

    Easy to clean with just using the water spray.


    • Discharge food easily

    No matter it’s stir-frying or serving food, the revolutionary ultra-wide 0° to 150° inclination will allow you to flexibly perform these actions with incredible ease with just one button.

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