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Potato Peeler PI-10

Stainless steel construction commercial potato peeler. Also suitable to peel carrots and other similar products. 0-6 min. timer.Removable plate for easy cleaning.


  • Construction in stainless steel.

  • Lateral stirrers covered with silicon carbide abrasive (approved by NSF).

  • Aluminium base plate lined with silicon carbide abrasive (approved by NSF), easily removable for cleaning purposes.

  • Auto-drag of waste to the drain.

  • Energy efficiency owing to engine optimisation.

  • Liftable transparent polycarbonate cover, complete with locking and safety device.

  • Aluminium door with hermetic seal and safety device.

  • Waterproof control board (IP65): Improved reliability against moisture and water splash.

  • Water inlet system with non-return air break.

  • Auxiliary contact for external electric valve.

  • 0-6min timer and possibility of continuous operation.

Product Video


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