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Stainless Steel Pizza Preparation Fridge

Whether you're making pizza,  sandwiches or wraps, this stainless steel pizza preparation fridge counter makes food prep faster. With a huge internal capacity space for up to ten 1/3-size food pans (sold separately), and there's plenty of room for quick-access ingredients. 

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Product Benefits and Features

  • Blower System.

  • Magnetic Solid Door.

  • High-density cyclo-isopentane polyurethance insulated body saves energy.

  • Food pans lids are also in insulated.

  • Automatic defrost system, saves energy consumption and provide shortest possible defrost cycle.

  • Refrigeration system protected from corrosion by urethane-treated evaporator coil.

  • Blower system (assisted with fan) will ensure homogenous coolness in the storage space.

  • Magnetic and robust stainless steel door. Offer a higher tensile strength, which means fewer dents and scratches.

  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant (CFC and HCFC Free) R404a.

  • Effective counter-balanced weight system self-closing door provides smooth, even, positive closure.

  • 127~152 mm adjustable stainless steel legs or 100mm castor wheel.

  • 2 tier removable and adjustable shelves.

  • Self contained system, no plumbing required.

  • Tested at ambient temperature of 38ºC, with no load.

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