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Pizza Counter with Stainless Steel Top

pizza preparation, pizza counter, pizza counter fridge
pizza preparation, pizza counter, pizza counter fridge

Whether you're making pizza,  sandwiches or wraps, this granite top pizza preparation fridge counter makes food prep faster. With a huge internal capacity space for up to ten 1/3-size food pans (sold separately), and there's plenty of room for quick-access ingredients. 

Product Descriptions

  • Ideal for food storage.

  • Tested at ambient temperature of 32°C, with no load.

  • Self-closing door with end cover. Self close to reduce heat loss.

  • High-density insulation with 60mm thickness.

  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant (CFC Free) R134a.

  • Blower system (assisted with fan motor) will ensure homogenous coolness in the storage space.

  • Digital thermostat with temperature display, precisely set temperature for foods.

  • Automatic defrost system, saves energy consumption and provide shortest possible defrost cycle.

  • Strong magnetic gasket, removable gasket for cleaning and replacement.

  • The height of shelves is adjustable based on the size of stored products.

  • Adjustable feet, up to 40mm.

  • Interior & Exterior made of SUS304 stainless steel

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