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Pizza Preparation Counters with Granite Top

DANENG Kitchen has been specialized in the production of pizza preparation counters in Singapore. The pizza preparation granite counters were designed to meet the needs of the pizza maker, with unsurpassed efficiency and quality. The construction is entirely in stainless steel, with a bottom cell with rounded corners that allows easy cleaning and maximum hygiene.


The refrigerated base units are suitable for the inclusion of 60x40 cm or GN1/1 trays and shelves and are equipped with “HSS” static/ assisted refrigeration system, a patented system that ensures perfect uniformity of temperature in the cell, a good level of relative humidity in addition to energy savings. The doors have interlocking magnetic seals that are easily replaceable.

Granite Pizza Counters.PNG

The worktops are made of Sardinian granite, with a depth of 82 cm and are equipped with rear risers from 16 cm height to support the refrigerated ingredient holder display case. The neutral drawer units are standard equipped with plastic pizza containers . Equipped with two pairs of runners and a 60X40 cm shelf per door.


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