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Multi-function Vegetable Cutter Machine

Multifunction Vegtable Cutter
Multifunction Vegtable Cutter
Function & Features

1. Made in Taiwan, Durable with nice appearance.

2. Both leaf and root vegetable cutting
  • Leaf vegetable cutting: conveyor belt and blade rotation adopt double frequency control and independent control system
  • Root vegetable cutting: Aluminium alloys funnel inlet CNC numerical control processing, one-piece funnel designed.
3. Main Structure
  • SUS 304 and Aluminium alloys material. Consist of food-grade conveyor, imported blade, Taiwan motor, frequency control system, one-piece funnel inlet, slice blade, strip blade set, dice blade set.
4. Purpose 
  • Cutting root vegetable: potato, taro, radish, melon, anion, etc.
  • Cutting leaf vegetable: celery, cabbage, spinach, lettuce, etc.
5. Cutting into slice, dice, strip
6. Widely Used In 
  • Catering, Central kitchen, vegetable processing industrial, canteens, etc. Save manpower 70%. 
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