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Large Leaf Vegetable Cutter HYGW-806A

Large Leaf Vegetable Cutter
Large Leaf Vegetable Cutter

Functions & Features

1. Made in Taiwan, Durable and nice appearance

2. Cut Leaf vegetable

3. Conveyor belt and blade rotation adapt double frequency control system and independent control system.

4. Work with continuous vegetable washing machine

5. Main Structure

  • SUS304 and aluminums alloys materials, consist of food-grade conveyor, imported blade, Taiwan motor, frequency control system.

6. Purpose

  • Leaf vegetable cutting processing, such as celery, cabbage, spinach, lettuce, etc.  

​7. Widely use in 

  • Central kitchen, vegetable processing industrial, canteens for school and company, catering, etc. Save labor 90%, save water and electricity

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