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DN-300G Heavy Duty Gas Cooking Robot

Mainly for stir-frying but also can be used for stewing and braising. Suitable for central kitchen, large organization, canteen, catering companies or require high volume food cooking with consistent food quality.


Main Features

  • Micro-Computer Automatic Controller

  • Automatic & Accurately Control Cooking Process

  • Automatic & Accurately Add Cooking Oil & Water

  • Rotating Cooking Pot with Clockwise & Counter-Clockwise

  • Automatic Adjust Stirring Speed

  • Automatic Unloading Cooked Foods

  • Non-Stick Cooking Surface (No Coating)

  • Equipped with Cleaning Instruments

  • Equipped with Shower Kit

  • Gas Leaking Protection & Safety Control

  • Automatic Auxiliary Cooking Function

  • Up to 1000-Programmable Memory

  • WIFI APP connection for Mobile Phone & PC food program development

  • Self-Diagnose Machine Malfunction & Repair Instruction

  • Operation & Cooking Process Log Records & Statistics

  • User Friendly Voice, Light Operation Tips, 7-Inches Colour Touch Screen

Product Specification

Product Name : Commercial Automatic Stir-Fry Cooking Station 30KG

Capacity : 30KG

Heating Type : Gas or Induction

Dimension (mm) : W1350 x D1250 x H1450

Average Cooking Time : <8 minutes

Brochure : Click Here

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