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Induction Countertop Flat Hob / Cooker

Induction cookers, often called induction hobs or cooktop provide swift, energy saving cooking performance. in Singapore


Designed for commercial use, using hob is efficient which is perfect for heavy induction compatible pots and pans. It's also has safe much safety advantages in comparison to gas hob.

Countertop Induction Cooker

Product Features and Benefit

  • Compact table top design with stainless steel body and recessed ceramic bowl

  • Sloped, easy to see front panel with adjustable digital control

  • Integral cooling rear fan with protective deflectors

  • Removable, reusable easy to clean air intake filter

  • “Flat Design”, compact high-performance electronics

  • Instant energy transmission to the pan

  • Available in 3.5kW & 5.0kW

  • Thermostatically controlled overheat sensor shuts the unit off the prevent damage from pans cooking dry

  • Timer adjustable setting

  • Induction technology transfers heat to the pan, not to the surrounding air

  • Induction coil surrounds ceramic bowl

  • Innovated new technology for pan detection; RTCS (Real Time Temperature Control System) is an internal control software development matching speed, capability and performance

  • Electronic output limitation continually monitors he energy transfer to the pan, helping to ensure the most efficient energy transfer possible

Product Specification

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