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Duck Roaster Oven

Duck/Pig roaster is one of the essential equipment in Chinese style cooking especially in Singapore. The steel cold appearance of stainless steel with the new heat diffuser inside, the duck roaster able to roast duck, pig or even char siu in perfection.


Round shaped exterior also helps to distribute heat evenly. There are different models are available for different production volume for customer needs.

Product Features and Benefits

Duck Roaster  (1).png
Duck Roaster  (2).png
  • Full SUS201 stainless steel exterior design or 304 if customer request

  • The even distribution of heat in the roaster surface helps to make high quality roast efficiently and effectively. With the detachable lava rock stand, the rock can preserve the residual heat after cut-off of flame to dry up duck/pig skin

  • Interior lighting provided by lamp increase product visibility

  • Side cover door to easily take out the duck/pig

  • Auto rotate feature without manually rotate to roast the duck/pig

  • 2 levels of setting to manipulate flame power

Product Specifications
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