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Deluxe Steam Jacketed Kettles 120L, 150L, 400L & 500L

Deluxe Steam Jacketed Kettle

Without Mixer

Deluxe Steam Jacketed Kettle

With Mixer

Product Features
  • Made in stainless steel material

  • Long lasting and able to withstand high pressure.

  • Double layer kettle design for better heat preservation

  • Anti-spillage device. Safe to operate.

  • Honeycomb-like jacket heat exchanger to enhance heat transfer efficiency.

  • 180 degree tiltable pot for easy unloading (Without mixer type)

  • 360 degree tiltable pot for easy unloading (With mixer type)

  • Automatic stirring system (With mixer model)

  • Both treadle type and rotary feed water control.

Main Components
  • Consist of kettle, heat exchanger, anti-spillage device and tilting system

  • Kettle body composed of SUS304 stainless steel. 

  • Suitable to use in large central kitchen, catering, and food manufacturing plant.

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