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Countertop Induction Wok Range

The induction kwali wok range, often called induction wok range is a best choice for those who want to reduce their energy bills especially in Singapore.


Designed for commercial use and it is portable with easy-to-clean surfaces and you can use it on a countertop. It's also has safe much safety advantages in comparison to gas wok range.

Product Features and Benefit

Tabletop Kwali Wok, Energy Efficiency Grant 70%
  • Easy to see front panel with adjustable digital control

  • Timer adjustable setting

  • Instant energy transmission to the pan

  • Easy to clean

  • Efficient operation reduces running costs

  • Fast power level setting controls

  • Food grade stainless steel

  • No flames or hot surfaces provide for a safer and cooler kitchen

  • Precise heating control for consistently exceptional results

  • Available in 3.5kW & 5.0kW

Product Specification

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