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DaNeng's Energy-Saving Induction Noodle Cooker Station

Gas Energy Saving 50% SavingWestern Deep Fryer

Product Description

  • Designed with Dimension Similar to American Fryer for Easy Replacement

  • Up to 65% Savings in Gas Consumption & 33.3% Savings in Cooking Oil

  • Cool Working Environment - Not Increase the Temperature of Working Environment

  • Worldwide Patented Technology - Cellular Heat Exchange System

  • Equipment Tested & Certified Gas Savings by PSB Singapore

  • Double Thermostat Installed for Extra Safety Precaution

  • Fire Power Control Knob to Control Burner's Fire Power

  • Automatic Fire-Ignition Feature

  • Low Oxygen Level Alarm with Gas & Power Supply Cut-Off Function

  • Modular Exchangeable Components for Easy Maintenance

8 Product Technology

  1. Revolutionary digital control technology

  2. Reliable and full operation monitoring technology

  3. Smart adaptive matching adjustment technology

  4. Intelligent throwing pot power control technology

  5. Nanosecond current protection technology

  6. Stable setting cooking temperature control technology

  7. Exclusive digital filtering technology

  8. Non-normal on / off impact protection technology

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