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Curved Deli Cases  - CK Series

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Product Descriptions
  • Top & bottom and each shelf with internal LED light.

  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant (CFC Free) R134a.

  • Automatic defrost system, saves energy consumption and provide shortest possible defrost cycle.

  • Double layer hollow tempered glass with electrical heating. High transparency, safety and reliability.

  • The temperature of electrical heating even. Under 30℃ ambient temperature, 70% humidity is bearable.

  • The side glass window is with demist wind path. Make use of the auto heat output of the refrigeration system to demist the side  glass windows. More energy-saving, safer and more environmental friendly.

  • The front curved glass window can be opened from bottom to up, and can be fixed at any angle, easy to input food and clean the glass.

  • High refrigeration efficiency of Embraco compressor and DIXELL automatic temperature controller.

  • Humanization design and customer tailor made, satisfy the diversified requirements of customers.

  • Strong refrigeration performance and steady temperature, guarantee the mouth feel of cakes to the maximum. 

  • Air duct outside the glass to remove condensation water.

  • 4 universal castors with 2 feet.

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