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Commercial Intelligent Automatic Gas Stir Frying Machine BSF1-300G2

automatic stir frying machine
Function & Features
  • Microcomputer automatic control

  • Automatic heating and precise heat control

  • Automatic and accurate oil and water adding

  • Cookware can spin around main axis to achieve multi-angle cooking

  • Automatic stirring with speed-adjusting tools

  • Automatic emptying dishes

  • Physical non-stick cookware (not non-stick coating)

  • Configuration of special auxiliary cleaning tools

  • Easy cleaning with built-in rinsing water gun

  • Specially configured dishes-serving trolley

  • Gas leakage protection

  • Fault self-diagnosis and prompt

  • User-friendly voice prompts + lights operating tips, 7-inch color touch screen

  • Assisted cooking function enables flexible responses to emergencies in cooking

  • Logging and statistics of device operating and cooking

  • Storage space of over 1000 cooking programs


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