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Both spellcasters are gone. Now it's three against one! Zhao Ming and Xu Tianhua showed a depressed expression, did not expect or too careless, Hang Yu's fighting capacity is far beyond imagination, then can only be hard-hitting! "Let's go together!" Xu Tianhua realized that Hang Yu's sword array was forming, and at the same time there was a very dangerous blood fog, which should be another new fourth-order skill of Hang Yu, which was very dangerous in any way. Hang Yu's body kept moving to dodge, avoiding the continuous destruction of the sword gas, his figure passed by the place, a sword mark all over the ground, enough to show that Xu Tianhua's sword gas is fierce. He has the strongest sword skill. Therefore, the sword gas attack, Lao Xu is a professional. Hang Yu evaded the attack at the same time, quickly rushed to Jiang Nan. His next target was obviously on the wet nurse! "No more success!" "Infinite Shield Array!" Zhao Ming quickly blocked in front of Jiang Nan, a huge shield heavily toward the ground, with this shield as the center, surrounded by dozens of shields, showing a translucent shape, eventually gathered together to connect each other, like a huge turtle shell, Jiang Nan to protect in it. Dang Dang Dang! Hang Yu quickly brandished a sharp blade. But it didn't move when it was cut down. Blessed with the blade of burning blood, it is useless. Zhao Ming said, "Don't waste your efforts. This skill is a fourth-order defensive skill. It can resist physical energy attacks at the same time. Even in your hands, it's more than enough to keep a person for a while!" "Is it?" Hang Yu launched an attack with violent fighting spirit. A shield in the shield array was torn to pieces,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, revealing Jiang Nan who was protected inside. He took the opportunity to launch a swift shadow attack on Jiang Nan inside. -87! -93! +180! +50! Hang Yu frowned. Jiang Nan's own defense is not low, but also proficient in a variety of treatments, unless explosive damage, otherwise a short time really can not handle her. And in the meantime. The shield torn by the fighting spirit began to repair quickly. Fourth-order defensive skills are not so easy to break! Hang Yu did not have time to continue to attack, a terrible momentum hit! As soon as Xu Tianhua jumped to his feet, he used a long-handled tomahawk, but he used it completely as a giant sword. A dozen or twenty swords constantly emerged and gathered on the sharp blade. Fourth Order Attack Skill-Chop the Sky with a Sword! The next second! A huge sword like a rainbow, like the waves of the sea, looked at Hang Yu's body and passed through Hang Yu's body. Hit it! Xu Tianhua showed a happy look. He knows the lethality of his skill! In the case of a frontal hit, even Hang Yu can't hold up! However, to his surprise, Hang Yu's body remained motionless all the time, Quillaja Saponin ,Thyroid Powder Factory, allowing the sword storm like a dragon to penetrate through his body and plow the ground into a gap of tens of meters. The weird thing is. Hang Yu has not been affected at all, even the position of standing has not changed, let alone hurt! The moment the sword fell from the sky. Hang Yu launched the art of emptiness. The effect of this space skill can last up to four seconds, which is more than enough to avoid Xu Tianhua's amazing explosive skill. Zhao Ming and Xu Tianhua are not very good-looking. Seeing this, Jiang Nan sighed with emotion: "Everyone is working so hard, and I can't lose face. Look at my latest trick-Holy Healing Enchantment!" Take Jiangnan as the center. A layer of light spread. Zhao Ming and Xu Tianhua, as teammates, were immediately restored by 162 points of vitality when they were shrouded in it! That means! They can restore 162 more HP per second! In addition, the attributes have been improved again! This fourth-order priesthood skill is already very powerful, and now by Jiang Nan's powerful innate talent bonus, the effect is at least 60% more than that of ordinary priesthood! Two people in a few seconds. Almost immortal! Xu Tianhua and Zhao Ming realized that the victory was lost in one fell swoop. Hang Yu fought again and again, and his mental strength should be overdrawn. Now is the best time to deal with him! Be sure to press him within the boundary of Holy Healing! Be sure to end the battle before the effect of Jiang Nan's skill disappears! Hang Yu's eyebrows also wrinkled up, the current situation is quite difficult, Jiang Nan was protected by Zhao Ming's infinite shield array, I'm afraid he can't be killed in a short time. The other two are not easy to defeat. Under the shadow of Jiang Nan's super skill, unless he can kill two people in the same way as Qin Mu, the speed of damage will be difficult to keep up with the speed of recovery. The problem is. Both of them are wearing Jihad suits! It is extremely difficult for Xu Tianhua to make a move every second. Not to mention Zhao Ming, who has the title of the shield of the black dragon? The battle between several senior officials of Canglong made the live audience and the audience watching the live broadcast on the Internet boil with blood. It can be said that they were deeply shocked by their strength one by one. If I had known that the top people in Canglong were very strong. But I didn't expect these guys to be so powerful! In addition to the death of some cowardly Qin Mu did not see the ability, several other people, whether Xiaoqiang, Jiang Nan, Zhao Ming, or Xu Tianhua, each is super strong, all kinds of big moves emerge in endlessly! Of course! Stronger is Hang Yu who can 1V5! But in this case, does Hangyu still have a chance to win? Ordinary fighters, like his fierce play, I'm afraid there is no mental strength, even if the boss is extraordinary, now the mental strength should also be in an emergency! Chapter 446 orders of the Governor Hang Yu launched the Arcane Release, first released more than 20 seconds of skill cooling, then launched the Blink, instantly moved out of tens of meters, and planned to pull away for a temporary retreat. Xu Tianhua sent several sword gas in succession, flying quickly from Hang Yu's side, and then interwoven with each other, turning into a net of sword gas, like a circular cage blocking the surroundings. Level 3 Skill: Sword Gas Cage! Hang Yu's fighting spirit still needs a few seconds to recover. He had to stop, two burning demon blades, quickly cut the whole body,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, the blade collided with the sword gas, immediately made the sound of glass breaking, and tore the sword gas to pieces. Fight and charge! 。