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"I know that," said Fei Mu-jen. "Not long after my father went out, he sent a personal letter to Fanjing Villa. In the letter, the old man clearly pointed out that it was indeed Elder Leng who invited him to fight, and that Elder Leng had not kept the appointment that day. At the end of the letter, the old man made it clear that he had been harmed by someone, and that it was not Elder Leng who had harmed him, but only Elder Leng knew who that person was. Because the invitation to fight must be a trap set by the cold elder for coercion. "Shaoxia," said Leng Yaohong, "the messenger.." Fei Muren said with a faint smile, "To tell you the truth, the letter was nailed to a tree near Fanjing Villa. It took several months before it was discovered and taken down." "Your house is not an ordinary place," said Leng Yaohong. "I don't know if someone has invaded.." Fei Mu-jen shook his head and said, "There are always woodcutters coming in and out of Fanjing Mountain. Fanjing Villa never interferes." Leng Yaohong frowned and said, "That's hard.." "Miss," said Fei Mu-jen, "do you know for sure that Elder Leng didn't have any contact with anyone before or after my father disappeared?" Ling Yaohong shook her head and said, "Not really. But after the news of Master Fei's disappearance came out, one day my father suddenly said that he would take me to another place. I saw that my father looked different. After repeated questioning, my father began to say that he had been coerced to lure Master Fei. He was afraid that the person who forced him would kill him to silence him. He was afraid that Fanjing Villa would find out and seek revenge, so.." "Elder Leng didn't tell the girl," said Fei Mu. "Who was the man who forced him?" Leng Yaohong shook her head and said, "No." "Didn't the girl ask?" Asked Fei Mu. "Yes,heavy duty racking system," said Leng Yaohong, "but my father won't tell me." Fei Mu-jen frowned and said, "Elder Leng has a plan to hide and avoid disaster, and what scruples does he have about his daughter?"? This is a puzzling thing. The old man on the couch trembled, his face twitched, and tears flowed all the time. "There's one more thing," said Leng Yaohong. "My father is a loner. He doesn't associate with anyone at all. Why did he find my father to take advantage of him?" Fei Mu-jen nodded and said, "Yes,long span shelving, it's really puzzling. There's nothing to do between my father and Elder Leng." Leng Yaohong said, "It was Fei Daxia himself who was killed. Can it be said that Fei Daxia himself didn't know who killed him?" "I'm sure I don't know," said Fei Mu. "Otherwise my father wouldn't have said nothing in the letter." wwW。 xiaoshuotxt=com Chapter 7 txt? Small ? Say ? Paradise Leng Yaohong was silent for a long time, then suddenly said, "Shaoxia, you should know that there is a'Nanling 'who disappeared almost at the same time as Master Fei." Fei Mu nodded and said, "Yes, girl, I know." Leng Yaohong asked, "Could Nan Ling have been killed by that man, too?" Fei Mu-jen was in a daze and said, "I don't know." Leng Yaohong said, "Isn't Master Fei very close to Nan Ling?" "It's not very good," said Fei Mu. "It's just that the two families have been in contact from time to time." "Well," said Leng Yaohong, "he and Master Fei disappeared almost at the same time. Didn't the two families inquire about each other?" "I'm afraid you don't know, Warehouse storage racks ,Pallet rack supplier, Miss," said Fei Mu-jen. "Nan Ling has no descendants or disciples. There are only two attendants on his left and right, and the two attendants have disappeared with Nan Ling." The old man on the couch trembled badly and his expression became more excited, thinking that he also knew who had killed "Nanling" and the mystery of "Nanling"'s disappearance. Leng Yaohong said, "Oh!" With a sound, the last words were silent. Suddenly, however, his eyes flashed and he asked, "Shaoxia, how did you know that my father and daughter were hiding in Mangshan Mountain?" Fei Muren shook his head and said, "I didn't know that Elder Leng and the girl lived in seclusion on Mangshan Mountain. I only knew that Elder Leng and the girl settled down in Luoyang." In the area.. "Shaoxia," said Leng Yaohong, "how did you know that my father and daughter had settled down in Luoyang?" "Someone sent me a letter.." said Fei Mu. As soon as Leng Yaohong's face changed, her eyes flashed and she said, "So the whereabouts of my father and daughter have been known.." He looked calm and said, "Shaoxia, who is the messenger?" Fei Mu-jen shook his head and said, I don't know. ” "What do you mean?" Asked Leng Yaohong. Fei Mu-jen said, "After I received my father's letter, I dismissed Zhuangke, closed Fanjing Villa, changed my name and joined Jianghu. I was going to travel all over the three mountains and five mountains to look for the whereabouts of Elder Leng. One day a month ago, I was passing through Kaifeng and received a letter in a restaurant. The man who delivered the letter was a waiter in the restaurant. He only said that the man who asked him to deliver the letter was a man in black.." "I can't tell who wrote the letter," said Leng Yaohong. Fei Mu-jen shook his head and said, "I can't tell. There is no signature at the end of the letter." Leng Yaohong smiled coldly and said, "Shaoxia, do you think there's something strange in it?" Fei Muren nodded and said, "I've thought of it. First, someone else knows that the elder Leng and the girl live in seclusion in Luoyang." But I don't know where they live in seclusion in Luoyang. Second, why did he inform me? Third, who is he.. Leng Yaohong nodded and said, "This is exactly what I suspect and don't understand. But one thing is quite obvious. He and Shaoxia are enemies rather than friends, and he definitely has something to do with the murder of Master Fei." "Miss," said Fei Mu-jen, "why do you think so?" "Please think about it, Shaoxia," said Leng Yaohong. "If he is a friend, he doesn't have to hide his signature on the letter. If he has nothing to do with the murder of Master Fei, how can he know that Shaoxia is looking for my father and daughter?" Fei Mu-jen nodded and said, "Yes, not only is he not a friend of me, but he's not a friend of you two either." "What's more, he wants to kill my father and daughter by the hand of Shaoxia," said Leng Yao. Fei Mu-jen shook his head and said, "That's not necessarily true, girl. Since this man has something to do with my father's murder, he must be an accomplice or the same person who poisoned your father's elder Leng. If he had the intention to kill you two, he could have done it when he poisoned you. He doesn't have to wait for today." Leng Yaohong said, "With the hand of Shaoxia today, he can fight without blood, and his hands will not be stained with blood." "Miss,Pallet rack beams," said Fei Mu-jen, "it's like such a treacherous man. Why do you care about swords bathed in blood and hands stained with blood?" Leng Yaohong was in a daze and said, "So.." 。