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Looking at those busy people, Yue Fan suddenly gave birth to a bitter envy. Moments later, the food and wine were served. While drinking a little wine, Yue Fan felt the burning heat in his stomach. At this time, a message at the next table caught his attention. Boss Ma, have you just come from the north? "Yes!"! Now the north is very chaotic, and business is not good, so this time I want to go south to get some goods. Two, let's see if we can find a place to settle down. With a wry smile on his face, Boss Ma advised him in all earnestness: "If shopkeeper He wants to go to the North Exhibition, I think it would be better." Time (1netbsp; "Oh!" Shopkeeper He frowned and said, "I heard that Jing at the border was fighting with those barbarians. I don't know if it's true." Ture "Of course it's true. I have a broth who runs good at that border. He said that as soon as the snow stopped, the barbarians began to attack." Seiji, "What is the situation now?" Look at the other side's anxious appearance, Ma boss some proud way: "Hey!"! What else can I do? There is Jing Guo Jun guarding. At the border, did those barbarians eat the good fruit? "That is, that is." Think about it! Eight banner soldiers, a full one hundred thousand people, ah, just by Jing thirty thousand soldiers to beat back, according to Said the barbarian died nearly ten thousand people, including three yellow coat general,heavy duty plastic pallet, the loss is very heavy, and Jing army just pay Less than a hundred casualties, it is a great victory! After listening to what Boss Ma said, shopkeeper He patted his thigh and said, "That's great!"! If we beat back the barbarians, we will I can live a stable life for a few days. After a pause, shopkeeper He felt something was wrong again. He hurriedly turned around and asked, "No,plastic bulk containers, Boss Ma, since the border is big." Jie, then why do you still say that the north is in chaos? By the way, I heard a few days ago that the imperial court sent troops to help guard the border, didn't it Did Ting's military forces fight with Jing? Boss Ma glanced disdainfully at his mouth and said, "Anyone with a brain knows what it is to help guard the border. The imperial court is sending it." People go to drag Jing's hind legs! But they also did not fight, but Shanhaiguan Zongbing Chai Gui, back ancestors forget allusion. When the barbarians entered the Shanhaiguan Pass, Yongping was reduced to Nudi. What (1netbsp; shopkeeper He) turned pale with fright when hearing this, and then said: : "I believe it won't be long before the barbarians enter the Shanhaiguan Pass." Chaos, war everywhere. Hearing such news, many people who wanted to go north all stopped thinking, and a faint Yin Ting shrouded the hearts of all. Medium. What others say, Yue Fan does not care, national affairs are too far away for him, collapsible bulk container ,plastic pallet supplier, he only remembered the elimination. The three words "Jing" mentioned in the message. Thoughts flew, Yue Fan drank a mouthful of liquor, and a flash of light flashed through his quiet eyes. Another man from Jianghu came in. "What batch is this?" "There are quite a few Jianghu people here recently!"! "Yes!"! Is there another Jianghu * * who wants to fight? "I heard that these people came to rob something." Is it? I didn't expect such a small place to have a big event. Alas! There is no quiet place in the world! It's not peaceful here. Let's get out of here! Surprised, Yue Fan looked up and saw Jianghu people in twos and threes stepping into the restaurant, and many merchants. The peddler gambled with the people and left. Volume 13 The Struggle for the Way of Heaven Chapter 49 The Scourge of Jianghu With the arrival of this group of Jianghu people, the atmosphere of the restaurant began to become somewhat dignified. It seems that the eve of a storm is always very quiet. Restaurant and small two see this scene, one after another back to the back hall dare not come forward, for fear that one is not their own will become the knife. Death 1netbsp; "Oh, scare!"! Did so many people come at once today? Everyone is very diligent! A tease broke the atmosphere of the scene, they heard the sound and looked, but saw a young man upstairs wearing; and crystal straight. He walked down the path. The young man brazenly walked to the center of the hall, looked back and forth with his cheek, and then pointed to his hand. "Fangjia and Huajia in Wenzhou, Tietouxiong in Jiaxing, sharp swordsman in Jinhua.." he said. Ah, ah, ah, Lian Jiu Jiang's dragon whip is also here! Eh? And the ghost feet of Fengyang, you really travel thousands of miles and spare no effort! Mile, mile, two. Looking at the cheeky smile of the people, all the people present had a kind of rush to step on each other's faces. Move, and use the foot that has stepped on dog shit. Thus it can be seen that the impression given by the other side is extremely bad and has already come out. The limit of visual endurance! Of course, ideas are ideas, and no one really rushed to put them into action, and even everyone just stared coldly. The other side looked at him and didn't even bother to talk to him. I didn't expect everyone to be very friendly! Since you are so tolerant, it would be a pity not to become a monk. "" The young man shrugged his shoulders heartlessly and was about to sit down somewhere when he glanced at the corner. The figure of the place, the pupil suddenly contracts, the heart is beating wildly! However, young people have a very strong emotional control, only a slight pause will be restored as before, no one can see. He was strange just now. This big brother has a good face. Have we met somewhere before? The young man walked shamelessly to the opposite side of Yue Fan and sat down regardless of whether he agreed or not. Then, he introduced himself: "The younger brother's name is Jiang Xiaofeng, the river of the river, the size of the small, maple leaves." Feng Yi asked his eldest brother to give him more advice. As he spoke, the young man looked at the iron box beside Yue Fan from time to time. Yes, he is Jiang Xiaofeng, Jiang Xiaofeng of the Valley of All Evil. When all the guests in Jianghu heard the name, their face muscles broke unconsciously, and they all showed a strange look. Expression, as if eating a dead fly as uncomfortable. Mention Jiang Xiaofeng's name, almost most people will feel uncomfortable, although he is not a big * * big evil. The man is not a strong and arrogant person, but everyone who knows him hates him by gnashing his teeth! Stealing chickens and dogs, lying and cheating, being insidious and cunning, and acting shamelessly are his strong points. No! Health,euro plastic pallet, idle, no big or small, capricious-this is his habit.