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But she couldn't say that in front of the little girl, so she highly praised the little girl's spiritual consciousness. "You said it very well and did it very well. You don't have to be too persistent in the shortcut of cultivating immortals. Just follow your own ideas." She reached out and touched the little girl's head. "This thing can't be put in their graves. You can find a beautiful treasure land in the back hill of Lancheng and bury them together. This skill will only disturb the peace of the dead." Wen Xia put away the skill, tied the ribbon again, and added the prohibition. "The nearest secret place in Xiaoyao Palace seems to be loose. I'll go and have a look. Can you put it in? I'll add a few more forbidden techniques, and then lock the state of mind. Those who are predestined will get it. Wen Ning:.. Wen Ning:??? Yes, is that the case? Qiu Wanwan did get this method in some secret place, and also met one of her twelve golden harem in the secret place, but this person is not Tan Tai Mingyue, but another one called Xun Che. What clan is this man from? She can't remember QAQ at all. "Again.." Add the condition that the woman ability of a pure Yin constitution opens? Wen Ningdao. Wen Xia glanced at her and chuckled, "OK." As they were discussing, the Miraculous Pivot stood at the door and knocked at the door. "Master, Younger Martial Sister, what about the monk of Zhaoyuan Temple?" Wen Xia's eyes fell on Wen Ning. "What do you think?" Wen Ning:.. The little girl pondered for a while and replied, "It's a mistake to break into the mountain behind Lancheng without informing the Crescent Sect. It's an indiscriminate attempt to harm me. It's a second mistake. But after all, I'm all right. What he did was just an'attempt '." The little girl's eyes were clear. "According to the rules of the Crescent Sect, I should inform Master Puxuan to claim a thousand top-grade Lingshi." "Well, you girl,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, you're just too disciplined." Wen Xia showed a dull expression, then pursed his lips and stretched out his hand to Lingshu, "I won, give it to Lingshi." Miraculous Pivot:.. Miraculous Pivot had to take out a spirit stone and put it in Wen Xia's hand. "Master, are you too penny-pinching?" "Hum, to win is to win,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, and to lose is to lose. How can a master and a disciple not be willing to give up a spirit stone?" Wen Xia gave him a white look. Little girl Bah, she can see it. Master and Elder Martial Brother are gambling with her reaction! Wen Ning thought about it and stretched out his hand to Wen Xia. "I helped Shifu win. I deserve half of it." "Look, look, this is the real'penny-pinching '." Wen Xia smiled and narrowed his eyes. Miraculous Pivot also smiled, "Younger Martial Sister, what are you doing in the back hill?" Only then did he have time to ask Wen Ning. Isn't it said in the Natural History of the Back Mountain that someone once recorded the silver bell rattan in the back mountain of Lancheng? The little girl scratched the back of her head. "I want to find." “……” Miraculous Pivot's expression became subtle, "I thought." Did you know that the seedling you planted in front of the window was a silver bell vine, so you planted it? Wen Ning:.. What?! "Poof!" As soon as Wen Xia took a sip of tea into his mouth, he sprayed all over the floor. What?! Chapter 35 35 Xiaoyao Palace welcomed a special guest. Wen Laozu has not been out of the crescent land for more than ten years. She has never seen her beg for anything from others. And this Wen Laozu actually came to Xiaoyao Palace in person. Nangong, the head of the first palace of Xiaoyao Palace, was the head of all the palace heads. His first reaction was, "This old woman won't come to seek revenge." After all, Glass Cream Jars ,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, besides seeking revenge, he couldn't imagine why Wen Xia came to Xiaoyao Palace when he was full. Could it be that the moon did something to make her unhappy in the Crescent? No, Nangong Chong knows the character of his disciple. Although he is a little arrogant, he is quite respectful and courteous to his elders. That is Ning Yu? After all, the moon is easy to be missed. No, it's not a day or two for girls to like it. Ning Yu is the kind of unruly person who protects food. If there is a little disciple of the Crescent Sect who falls in love with the moon, it's hard to guarantee that Ning Yu won't lose face in the Crescent Sect. The more Nangong Chong thought about it, the more he felt it was possible, and he felt a little nervous. After all, although he was the master of all the palaces, his cultivation was in the middle stage of distraction, which was naturally worse than that of Wen Xia in the late stage of deification. How about a little? Wen Xia hasn't been out of the Crescent Sect for many years. This time she visited Xiaoyao Palace without a disciple, so she came alone. Nangong Chong hurriedly asked her to take a seat. "Wen Laozu, I haven't seen you for some days. You are more energetic." Wen Xia:.. Is this little brother greeting the old man? After thinking about it, she still handed some of her spiritual tea to Nangong Chong, "This time I came here to discuss something important." If she could not do what she had boasted, she would really make a fool of herself in front of her disciples. This is like a King Kong pie suddenly falling from the sky, smashing people silly, Nangong heavy whole people stay in place-who is this? This is Wen Xia Wen Lao Zu, only others beg her, she does not beg others, "have important things to discuss" these words, although the surface sounds like to discuss, in fact, Wen Xia encountered something, want to ask him Nangong heavy help, this is rare.. No, no, no, no. I dare not repay you with gratitude. Nangong is very clear about Wen Xia's temper. However, if we can let Wen Xia owe a little bit of favor, if he has anything to ask Wen Xia for help in the future, it is also necessary to have a favor, and there is no need to be as shy as the last time he took Mingyue to seek medical treatment. There are two purposes for Wen Xia to come to Xiaoyao Palace. The first purpose is to put the skills he has got into the secret realm of Xiaoyao Palace, which is about to be opened. The secret realm of Xiaoyao Palace is different from the secret realm where the crane returns. Except for the disciples of Xiaoya Palace, only the disciples of the small clan attached to Xiaoya Palace are eligible to enter, and other children of the clan who have nothing to do with Xiaoyo Palace are not allowed to enter. But this can not stop Wen Xia, she was originally intended to suppress Xiu Wei,oil dropper bottle, and then sneak in to put things, and then sneak away. Although this thing is not done like a deified ancestor, it can save a lot of trouble. The second thing is to ask Xiaoyao Palace if there is any whereabouts of Shu Yuncao.