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"Ha ha!"! You want to use Jiang Mou? "Why not use each other?"? Brother Jiang, you know that the prodigal son's art is unfathomable. If we don't join hands in time, Sooner or later, they will be defeated by him one by one, and they will inevitably perish together. Why not plot as early as possible? "I'm gathering disciples from all over the country. He can't help me." "Brother Jiang, it's not that I despise Brother Jiang's disciples, but that Brother Jiang misjudged the strength of the prodigal son of Shenlong." "Nonsense." "Really, I believe brother Jiang knows it in his heart.". Heavenly King Shun is known as the first hero in the world, and several close friends are also ten thousand people The enemy, I do not belittle, also never put people in the present, but many times with the week between light and shade, can be said to be defeated. If you lose, you can't take any advantage. At present, there is no other way but to gather the strength of all people to fight with him. If you can get brother Jiang. Together, we can remain invincible. Afterwards, I asked the father and son of the Ji family to accompany Brother Jiang, and the Heavenly King Shun also accompanied Brother Jiang The younger brothers should be commensurate with each other and work together to seek the world's hegemony, make the best of both worlds and share the splendor and wealth. Brother Jiang, please think twice. Turbid world maniac was originally keen on splendor and wealth, so he did not hesitate to spend ten years training people to dominate the world for King Ning. Talent, ambitious and ambitious. Unexpectedly, Xin Wenzhao was sent to the capital to lead his disciples to assassinate Fei Hong, a retired university scholar. Xin Wenzhao had a deep understanding of righteousness and fell before the battle. Ge,non standard fasteners, as a result of failure, to the size of Luo Tian's collapse, from then on lost the favor of King Ning, so that his heart depressed, ambition. Difficult to pay, take it to heart. This time in the mountainous area of Huangzhou, he offended Li Tianshi, the most popular man under King Ning, and became a lost dog. He could hardly hold his head up. But he didn't give up. Ambition has not been lost,metal stamping parts, he is waiting for the opportunity to regain his prestige, waiting for the opportunity to create a favorable situation. But suffering from the situation alone, how easy is it to stage a comeback? His last words kindled his hope. Can you make the decision? He asked in a deep voice. Juebi Shenghua breathed a sigh of relief and said with a smile, "Brother Jiang, I have been sent by the Heavenly King to meet Brother Jiang." Yes. Johnny will be our guest of honor. "That.." "Brother Jiang, things in the Huangzhou mountain area, each for its own master, is nothing, is it?"? If we talk about the world hegemony. Man, haggle over every ounce of small Jianghu grudges. What have you done? "This.." "Heavenly King Shun is looking forward to it. Please believe his sincerity." "Well, I'll talk about it after I meet King Shunyao." Turbid world maniac finally agreed. He was overjoyed and said with pleasure, "Brother Jiang has promised to cooperate, and the great event is settled!"! Without further ado, let's take Xianghai The master of the palace caught him and set off together. The madman gazed at the Lord of the Xianghai Palace in the distance and said with a wry smile, "The enchantress's Qiluoxiang." "Hehe!"! A fire was set on all sides, and Qi Luoxiang was useless. We've got a lot of friends of Zhou's generation, and one more Xianghai. The palace master will have one more chance to win, metal stamping parts ,die casting parts, ready to start! Said the last flower proudly. Bang Hu, who was on guard, pointed to the south and said, "Third Master, who is that?" At the top of the path a hundred paces away, three men dressed as villagers stood in the middle of the road, looking out at this side, as if they were at a loss. Each villager carried a large package, not like a native. The crazy man glanced at the third villager, but he was too far away to see him clearly. "They saw the sword and didn't dare to cross it," he said casually. Come here "Juanbi Sheng Hua raised his hand and said," Something's wrong, Brother Hu. You bring them here. "Yes." Bang Hu leaned forward and said, holding the dragon stick and striding away. A hundred paces came in a twinkling of an eye, and when the three villagers saw that the stick was coming menacingly, they all looked frightened and retreated with the package in their arms. The three villagers were all young men, their faces dark and brown, leaving traces of wind and frost, but their big eyes were clear and bright, and they could not escape. Family's magic eyes, the old Jianghu can see at a glance that they are not clever in disguise and transfiguration. However, Bang Hu is not an old Jianghu, not to mention an expert. He was confused by the expression of fear on the face of the three villagers. Approaching warily, he rolled his strange eyes and asked in a loud voice like thunder, "Hello!"! What do you do? The cry is like thunder, and the loud voice is really bluffing. The three villagers were so shocked that two of them dropped the package at their feet. The package fell from the front, and the tallest villager, trembling and retreating in horror, stammered, "Big.." Grandpa, little.. The little three go.. Go to Maoshan. Incense.. Bang Hu's strange eyes were shining in all directions. He kept looking at the three villagers and said, "Incense?"? What's in the package? "It's a quilt and." And a change of clothes. Said the villager, withdrawing his hand. Did you bring your luggage? "Yes.." Yes "It's a long way from here. I can't afford to stay in a hostel." "Yes, sir." "Come with me." Bang Hu said loudly. Big Grandpa.. "Our boss wants to ask you." "This.." Your boss is. "Don't ask." "Yes, sir." Said the villager, coming forward to carry the parcel. Bang Hu's dragon stick, still pressing on the parcel, said, "Open it first and let the uncle have a look. Open it first." "Yes, sir." The villager answered obediently. The other two packages were also opened. Stick nonsense. The villager crouched down, stretched out his hand to untie the knot, and then clasped the dragon stick. With a sound, the other hand was already split. Bang Hu's right knee. Bang Hu practiced the Qigong of Hun yuan, which is not human with swords and spears. It is as powerful as an ox. The dragon stick can roll people up with one hand. Roll people up half a day high, three or five first-class masters in Jianghu can't get close to you. Genuine talent and learning is no worse than the last stroke. Is it a weak person who takes flowers with him as a bodyguard? However, in the unsuspecting suddenly under guard, one did not exercise alert, two did not regard the other side as Wulin people, sewer The boat capsized in the sea luck, the knee should palm and broken, lost the strength of the counterattack, should palm then fall. Another villager was not slow either. Without waiting for the stick to land on the ground, he took one step and flew with one foot. Poof! Right in the middle,Magnetic Drain Plug, his ribs were broken. Three or four, the internal organs burst. Uh Bang Hu called out half a time, and his body was kicked out.